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Just for a while [Jan. 11th, 2004|02:38 am]
Generous Palmstroke
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]
[Current Music |undo]

I have been trying to be constant but it's so hard, and these next weeks are gonna be a bit more time consuming for me, so I have decided to stop writing my junk in so many places. I am gonna stop updating this journal for a while, just until I can manage more, but I'm gonna keep posting on VisualTj in spanish. I can manage my pics better and quicker and that's what I'm gonna be posting for a while.

If something really really really interesting happens to me (wich I doubt) I will come to this place and post. For normal boring happenings in my life, you can read my spanish site (most of you speak spanish anyway :P hee hee).

I will also put the link up on my user info, just in case... and this is not goodbye... i just need a break from so much translation.
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yea I'm a nerd [Dec. 25th, 2003|12:32 pm]
Generous Palmstroke
[Current Mood |giddygiddy]
[Current Music |violently happy]

Christmas Eve and of course you know where you could find me: right here on the computer :D

It thought it was gonna be something quick, just a little hello and how's the family but it ended up being a 6 hour strech. One of my uncles that lives in Mexico City had just this past sunday installed his messenger and we were able to chat for a while. At the end of that talk he asked if we were gonna be around on the 24, and I said: yes, I'll come online for a while. So it's the 24th, 4:00 o'clock and I see one of my cousins online (the ones I grew up with). One by one the figures start changing from red to green. It was weird. I have talked with a lot of people thru messenger, but not my uncles. Well, not the one's that come online.
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Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad!

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And the review is in [Dec. 18th, 2003|05:32 pm]
Generous Palmstroke
[Current Mood |happyhappy]
[Current Music |it's not up to you]

In a way at least. I went to see ROTK and nooo I'm not gonna spoil it and blab about the ending and stuff, but I'm just gonna say that it was really really cooooool.

We got tickets for this on tuesday night, to watch wednsday evening, so we crossed the border early to be able to get there in time (x-mas time makes border wait so frustrating). I was able to go to a pet store and I bought a new cage for the hamsters. They had babies and I needed to separate the male one if I wanted to prevent more of them. It's a nice cage and he seemed to like it at first, but then he remembered the females and he really wants to get back to the original cage (poor little guy).

Caralampio, the hamsterCollapse )

Anyway, things are going pretty well, I'm done x-mas shopping (yay!) and all that's left is all the happy family partys that are gonna be held mainly at my house :D (I like this 'cause I won't be too far away form my computer). The first one is gonna be next saturday, and I got an email from one of my uncles that lives far away, he says that he's gonna call the house saturday to talk a bit with all of us.

I love x-mas time <3
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Hiya! [Dec. 15th, 2003|08:13 pm]
Generous Palmstroke
[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |desired constelation]

Okey, I have little updating to do, but I'm actually updating for reals this time :D

I've been sick for a while, but other than that, things are looking up.
Yeah I lost my job a few weeks ago, but I'm really lucky in that I was hired to do some design jobs on my own, and not just webpages, I mean, I get to work like a real architect for a change and not just a silly drafter (not that there's anything wrong with that, heck I made cool money doing that last summer).

Oh yea, Danny messed up and forgot to buy the tickets for the ROTK at the VIP :( so now I need to hope and pray I can still get my hands on some tickets to a showing ANYWHERE in SD (anybody got some spare tickets?).

Hmm, let me think, what else?, right, I'm taking care of some really cute little rodents (Albino Dwarf Hamsters). My friend went on vacation for a month, so he couldnt just abandon them. They are tinny and white with bright red eyes, they sorta look like baby rats but with no tail. Really they are very cute, trust me.

My cousin that went away and joined the army is back on vacation. It's been a year since the last time we saw him, and with the pending war an all, he was only here for four days last year. This year he's gonna staying 3 weeks (yay!). We were all very happy to see him, he's like my little brother. He showed us pics he took while they were overseas at the war. It's sad to see so much destruction. I really really wanna go and see him again this week (argh I need a car NOW).

This post needs a pic, and I'm probably gonna lj-cut it, but later, :P
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I wanna know your grade [Dec. 10th, 2003|02:13 am]
Generous Palmstroke
[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |come to me]

I did it in 12</big></b> seconds.
I deserved an A!!
Take the How Dexterous Are You? Quiz

confusing but very fun :D
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Some images i've made [Dec. 9th, 2003|11:28 pm]
Generous Palmstroke
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |it's in our hands (arcade mix)]

just wanted to share some of the images i have made lately. they have nothing to do with each other not even in the way they were treated. just random things, edited at different times, so they have a different feel to them.

two more hereCollapse )
feel free to comment (or not) :P
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Just some ramblings... [Dec. 1st, 2003|11:12 pm]
Generous Palmstroke
[Current Mood |draineddrained]
[Current Music |There's more to life than this]

There was something else here, but i moved it to it's proper place, i had posted it here 'cause i had nowhere else to do it, but now i do, so it's gone.

Danny let me borrow his DVDs since saturday (the ones i posted here about) but i still havent seen them 'cause the DVD player is downstairs, and i just don't like watching them on my computer.

I am definetly gonna try and do it this week.

Oh logovo, here's a link to his thoughts on the series (it's in spanish)

I'll post more soon, just that right now things are really slow in my life, just the same stuff i do everyday, boring really.
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Another week has passed [Nov. 16th, 2003|08:28 pm]
Generous Palmstroke
[Current Mood |lonelylonely]
[Current Music |It's oh so quiet]

Things are very slow

I've hardly gone out and it seems that it's finally gonna start to rain here, well at least it has in these past few days. It's quite a change after the San Diego fires and the smoke and ash.

But my life HAS consisted of mainly just work and sleep, and that's about it, I'm starting to get a bit frustrated, I really miss driving my car around. People say I'm so lucky that I got it back, but the whole ordeal has caused quite a blow to my pocket. I have so far invested over 500 dlls on it since the day it got stolen. From towing to bodywork. My savings are almost drained and now I really can't wait to sell it.

Gosh I miss my car the most 'cause I haven't been able to see my friends in a while now. I used to go looking for them, whenever I had the need, but since I can't do that now, and Danny is always working, well, I have been almost totally out of contact with them.

I'm stuck being lonely for a while longer :(
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i'm back [Nov. 11th, 2003|12:27 am]
Generous Palmstroke
[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |A Hidden Forest (Björk/TheCure Mix)]

So tonight i went shopping and spent more money than i should have. Danny gave me a boost phone almost two months ago and it has been the best present i could have gotten. But i just recently he started bugging me to upgrade it to a cool new Roxy one, and well, yea, he brainwashed me and i bought it before selling the one i have already. I love it <3

On top of that, i got a DVD for my niece (i couldnt resisit it! The Care Bears!!) hee hee, and i got a DVD for Danny 'cause that was the bribe i offered in exchange for him taking me there tonight. He bought himself these DVDs (wich i cant wait to watch)

and now i'm am tired so i'm off to have pretty Björky dreams.
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yea i know [Nov. 9th, 2003|09:30 pm]
Generous Palmstroke
[Current Mood |crazycrazy]
[Current Music |so broken]

Instead of thinking of something intelligent to post, i changed my layout instead.

I got a new DVD last night and decided on capturing images to make new icons and the top image.

I know i gotta post here more often but theres nothing very interesting going on with me, just the usual boring kinds of things and i don't want to fill your friends list like i used to do.

But yea, I'm gonna try to write here more often. Soon :D
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